Everyone deserves to have at least one room in the house that upon entering makes you breathe a sigh of relief and provides a bit of respite.  A room that conveys a piece of your personality and style so you actually want to spend time there.

I am a wife to a man whom I adore and a mother of three beautiful children. I have lived in Salt Lake City my whole life and have always had a love for design. As a young girl, I collected stacks upon stacks of fashion magazines and after high school toyed with the idea of attending Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to graduate in fashion design. Practicality won and I stayed local, obtaining a degree in business.  My love for fashion has evolved into an obsession with interior design. Fashion and interior design are pretty synonymous in my world.  Visualizing spaces, conjuring deliberate plans and seeing the execution of those brings me great enjoyment. My mind is constantly conceptualizing different ideas for my own and others’ homes.

For years, I carried in my handbag a torn-out magazine picture of a saltbox style home.  Historical-looking homes with a modern spin are my favorite. My husband and I recently finished building our home for which I conceptualized both the interior and exterior based on that tattered photo from the magazine.  Seeing it come to life was extremely rewarding. Prior to our current home, we remodeled two 1960’s houses.  I design the plans and my husband carries them out by spending sweaty hours making our dreams become reality.

Many requests for interior design assistance float my way and friends and acquaintances have encouraged me to start officially designing for others. I have finally decided to take their advice and follow my dreams of helping others create beautiful spaces. This blog will share unique ideas with you while documenting personal projects as well as client projects. Goal number one is to provide the tools you need for affordable design without sacrificing quality. Gorgeous rooms can be achieved with a reserved budget.

Thank you for stopping by. 
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