Monday, April 13, 2015

Window box additions...

I live in a tall saltbox style house. I have been wanting to add permanent interest to the exterior and bring in year round color to the front of my home. The idea of window boxes came to mind and I'm hoping this will do the trick to add some character that seems to be lacking.

I measured my windows and was on the hunt for 30" window boxes in a modern/contemporary style. I wanted this project to be budget friendly and the problem that I ran into was that most of these what seemed to be simple, easily to construct boxes was the price tag.  Why did a 30" rectangular box have to cost an upwards of $100 a piece? I wasn't willing to pay that so I headed over to Home Depot and came across these wood window boxes in the size I needed for $20 a piece.

 I wasn't a huge fan of the redwood color so I brought home several paint swatches and landed on Behr's Elephant Skin, I chose the exterior flat finish. I like the look and the color it goes much better with my home. I am going to add them to my second level windows to start and see how it goes.

Anyone have experience with window boxes? Have any tips or tricks?

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EverydayDecor said...

I love the boxes, They will add even more to an already beautiful house. The gray will allow the color from the plants to pop. Very wise choice. Anxious to see them up and looking pretty!!

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