Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shared girls bedroom design...

I am beyond excited to see this darling girls bedroom come to life. I have been working with a local client, re-designing her home and it's all coming together like a dream. I am truly passionate about design and I especially love putting together kids spaces. I like coming up with a plan that will look good through out the years, a look that will not outgrow the kids. Themed bedrooms will only last so long before the novelty wears off.

Just like adults, children need a place they can escape to relax, read a book, have some downtime. I believe that if a space is created to reflect this idea then the kids will use it for this purpose and give you some downtime too:)

A wall should never be wasted! I chose this fun floral wallpaper to bring in color and pattern. Don't forget about adding interesting pieces of artwork that include colors from around the room. I love mixing a variety of color, design and texture. When combining these three different elements a room will be anything but boring!

I would love to help you create a space you love! Contact me for more details

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