Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fireplace/Media/Piano/Art Design Boards...

I have been working on a client's living room.  The shape of the area is really long. We broke this room up into three separate areas..the fireplace area, the TV area and the piano/art area. My client has young children and likes to entertain so we wanted to create a space that reflects her lifestyle. The process of designing these three spaces to work together was trickier then I thought to have them flow and work well together.

My client wanted to stick with a mostly neutral palette, you can never go wrong when the colors are so muted (well I guess in reality you could if it wasn't done the right way:) I love how easy on the eyes a neutral palette can be and when you are combining a variety of style, texture and pattern the space will be anything but boring!  I love the way it all came together and can't wait to see these three rooms come to life, I know it's going to look beautiful!

I don't share sources from my paying client's design boards, thanks for understanding:) If you need help putting together a room or rooms in your home, please contact me I work with client's worldwide!

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