Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Master Bedroom Design...

Sorry for the lack of posts,  I've been a busy bee! I recently finished this bedroom design for a client, I  love the way it all came together. I love using a variety of pattern and texture to create a cohesive look when combined. As a bonus, it always helps a room feel unique and interesting. Choosing a specific design style for your bedroom can turn your bedroom into your favorite space in the house.

My client wanted her room to feel complete and wanted it to be her own sanctuary, a place where she could go to relax. I hope this design plan accomplished her goal. Can't wait to see the plan implemented, I know it's going to look stunning!

Would you like to create a new look for a space in your home? Contact me at to find out more. I work with client's from all over the place, my affordable E-Design options make it easy!

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