Monday, August 18, 2014

Fresh new living room E-Design...

Is the weekend really already over? Why must it go by so fast? My kids start school right around the corner. I have been feeling so ready to be on a schedule and have some "me" time. Now that the reality is kicking in, I'm somewhat mourning the fact that I won't have my little shadows around with me all day going on adventures and hanging out at home. I love them so much and need to embrace every stage and every age instead of being sad about the inevitable! Easier said then done..

Anyway, onto this..Just wrapped up this living room E-Design. It's always interesting to see how the design starts out and  where it ends up. I am always tweaking things and moving things around until it clicks. This one took a while but I'm really happy with the end result! It comes pretty easily for me to design for others but for myself, it is a bit of a challenge... still trying to figure out why that is. I think because I have to live with it and if I buy the wrong piece of furniture or paint the walls using the wrong color, I have no one to blame but myself.

I am so passionate about design and love putting together these E-Design boards. Makes it so worth it to receive positive feedback and excitement for the design plan! Need help with a room? Email me at for a quote.

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