Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Home Exterior: Before & After...

My cute neighbor and friend had been wanting to change the rust accent color on her home's exterior for years. The color never clicked with her, she wanted to go with a more neutral color that would compliment the existing color scheme. She also wanted a different color for her front door.

I brought over my handy Sherwin Williams color deck and we tried finding the perfect color. We all know how tricky picking out the right paint color can be, trying to pick out the right color from a 2 inch color swatch is no easy task:)

We thought we had settled on the right colors and started painting. The color ended up looking like a stark white and was not blending well with the existing colors. I started painting the front door and the pretty green tone we picked out ended up looking more like a florescent, lime color. We knew that these colors weren't working well. 

Back to the drawing board. I pulled out my swatch deck and went to the color swatch of my fool-proof, go-to color...Agreeable Gray. I have used this color in so many client projects and I have yet to be disappointed. If you are looking for the perfect greige color, this is it! It works well with both tan and gray tones. However, Agreeable Gray was looking a bit too light for this project so we went with the next darker shade down on the swatch, Anew Gray. This color was the perfect balance of the right color and the right shade. For the front door, we thought a darker shade would pop more so we went with a darker shade on the same swatch, Warm Stone.

These two colors were meant to be, they blend perfectly and compliment the existing color scheme. My friend is so happy with the new look and is feeling like it is much more her style! A day spent painting with fun friends resulted in a entirely new look and feel.

What do you think of the new look?

If there is something in your home that has been bothering you and you need help figuring out what to do, contact me stacichavez@ymail.com. I work with local and distant clients and I would love to help you fall in love with your home:)

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