Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What's Making Me Happy?

The signs of warmer weather coming make me extremely happy! I am a lover of the sun and being warm. The blossoms on the trees, birds chirping, kids playing outside, plants coming back to life and spending time outdoors are all things that make me happy!

What else is making me happy? The various design projects I'm working on...Working with a client to get new furniture and accessories for her living room that we recently worked on to go along with her new paint and carpet. One of my best friends is having her first baby and we have been working on a nursery for her soon to be baby boy. Also, working with a friend of mine to re-do her dark kitchen to lighten things up! I'm excited to be posting pics of these projects soon:)

And last...I know I have blogged about these supplements before but I'm gonna do it again because if you haven't tried these..guess need to! I like to share things that I love here on this blog.. Don't waste another day feeling stressed, unfocused, depressed, unable to sleep, worried, anxious or any other mental issue. STOP IT! I used to get so easily stressed, anxious and let's not even talk about my PMS mood issues because they were crazy!

It was a true answer to prayer when my neighbor gave me a week sample pack of EmPower Plus Q96 to try. I had a good week but was still skeptical. I purchased a month supply bottle and with each passing week, I felt my brain coming back, I felt calm, things that would normally drive me crazy were no longer. And most importantly, my crazy PMS up and down moods went away. I promise you guys, these work so well if taken diligently and they are good for you! 36 vitamins/minerals and amino acids are exactly what your brain needs to function at full capacity. Totally safe for children too!! Okay, I will stop.  You should order a bottle and lemme know what you think, I think you will love them. You can order them HERE. Do your research about this product. A website containing more information can be found HERE.

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House Envy said...

i absolutely LOVE your design plans!

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