Thursday, January 23, 2014

Client E-Design Boards...

E-Design (online design) is gaining so much popularity for a variety of reasons. Some of my local client's prefer to go this route. Why? because we can makeover an entire room online from the comfort of your home.  First, I have my client's email me over several different photos taken from different angles of the room they are wanting help with. I have them send me over a "wish" list of what changes they would like see along with their budget. 
I create a personalized pinterest board of different design options and make notes under each photo of how and what I would do where. This process allows the client to get a visual of what I am describing along with instructions on how to execute the design. There is no guessing or wondering about the instructions I am trying to relay with this process. I also will create a design board like the examples below so the client can view a mock up of what they can expect the room to look like upon completion. 
I have worked with client's as far as London and it has gone surprisingly well! Not only is this option budget friendly but can also be done in a quick, timely process. I am so passionate about design and find it so rewarding when the project is complete and my client's are just as excited about the end result as I am. I love working on exterior design as well!..Below are examples of design boards that I have created for my client's. 

This last design board was done for a client that wanted paint and flooring ideas and wanted to see what the paint would look like next to the flooring. We settled upon this design and the finished space looks stunning!

Need help with a room? My E-design option starts at $200 per room. Email me for a custom quote

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House Envy said...

You do an amazing job of putting these together.

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