Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Stunning Before And After...

This makeover holds a special place in my heart because this is my old home. My client has been living in London and they rented out their home while they were living abroad. When they returned, she came home with some amazing rugs and decor items. When she sent me the initial email of the "before" picture, I instantly fell in love with the Moroccan rug and couldn't wait to work around this beauty.



The only problem with the Moroccan rug was that it was too narrow for the space, I suggested getting an over sized jute rug and layering the Moroccan rug on top. She wanted help pulling everything together and wanted more furniture pieces and decor items.

Of course I'm always a sucker for wall paneling. When we lived in this home, my sister helped me with the square wall pattern. I absolutely love this mirror, when I found it online I knew that it would be the perfect fit for this room. Gahh, the pillows, aren't they beautiful. The center pillow is also from Morocco, could you die?

We added the tripod lamp and the side table, I think they are a perfect fit for this room. My client had the Moroccan poufs, I love the way they look!

They already had the colorful serape blanket. The striped pillow is from My Shop. The white cabinet and coral lamp were added.

My client had this gorgeous art piece. She found the artwork on the mantle at a thrift store, it was in a shattered frame but she loved the piece and saw the potential. I suggested framing the artwork in a brass/gold color. It is stunning piece of artwork! The glass vase is full of tile pieces that were found on the beach in morocco, they look beautiful!

I am in love with this finshed space, I love all the color and the unique global pieces. This room was so fun to design. I designed this room online and the only time I went to her home was to take pictures. If you don't live locally, we can still make your room look just as beautiful as if you lived next door.

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House Envy said...

This is a great transformation. I love the layered rug look and that rug of your client's is outstanding! Really well done. Very clean but still warm and inviting.

Tyler and Emily said...

So fun to see the before and after. The layered rug, genius!

Jessie said...

Such a wonderful transformation! Love the modern and layered look. Good job, Staci.


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