Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's going on with your exterior?...

Whenever I go running in the morning, time goes by so quickly especially when I'm running through neighborhoods. I like to examine exteriors and analyze what I would do to change the overall look to bring out the hidden potential. I thought about knocking doors to give them some unsolicited advice but then I think that would be really awkward..Maybe someday if I get up enough guts I will do just that:)

Do you have a home that lacks curb appeal? There are simple solutions that could take your home from blah to bling! You could start out by painting your front door a fun and complimentary color, next add some potted plants to your entryway to bring in some color and a cute wreath to top it off. Is there a few  exterior windows that you could add planter boxes too?

If you want to get a little more involved, think of changing the exterior lighting. What about adding some heavy trim to your windows to really make them pop and stand out. If you have garage doors that face the street, you might opt for a more decorative door that will add a whole new level of personality and sophistication. Painting the brick and or siding a different color has the ability to totally update your home and give it a fresh new look...

I recently finished this exterior design board for a client, I can't wait to see the progress, I think this will be an amazing "before" and "after"!

Do you have a home that could use a new and improved look? I can help you no matter what your budget is. I do most of my design work online so you can live anywhere in the world and the design will flow like it would if you lived right next door. Email me at to get started. 


Erin and Laura House Envy said...

Yes I totally get what you are saying and do the same thing! Its the little things that make a huge difference! Be careful about knocking though! LOL

House Envy

Megan Daly said...

Yes, Yes, And Yes. I totally want to give my exterior a Face Lift. If only money wasn't an option. :/ I want new a driveway. Bigger frames around the windows. New front door and paint. Push out the tiny 2 car garage to fit more things. Change the roof line... Seriously the list goes on and on. But one thing at a time, right?! I will get there. ;)
Love your design board. I too can't wait for the after pics. You really do a great job! Love your work!!

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