Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Airstream Obsession Continues...

It's pretty normal for me to have several new project obsessions a year. It all started when I spotted an old airstream sitting in a field not too far from my house. I couldn't stop thinking about this abandoned looking airstream and the mad potential that lies within it. I asked my husband (because I'm too big of a wimp) to go ask the owners if they were interested in selling it. He did go over to their house and they weren't home:( I started looking on the local classifieds and found several for pretty decent prices. 

Anyone want to join me on the crusade to take old vintage airstreams out of their sad current state and turn them into something as beautiful as this? We would be the coolest camper's the mountains have ever seen:)

I haven't been able to shove this idea out of my brain and it doesn't help that I stumbled upon this incredible airstream renovation done by designer Rachel Horn. Could you die? I am not a big fan of camping but if I was sporting this trailer, I don't know that I would ever leave!

I am in love with every detail! The designer describes the style as "Luxe Nomadic" well "Luxe Nomadic" might just be my new favorite style especially when executed in an airstream! This 180 square foot trailer is proof that even the smallest spaces can be designed to perfection!

Stick around, I'm hoping to have a "Shop Opening" announcement coming up very soon. The darn summer keeps getting in the way of me focusing my time and efforts into setting up shop!

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