Monday, June 3, 2013

New handmade pillows that will be added to my shop (opening soon)...

Just wanted to share some of my pillows that have recently been finished that will be added to my shop (opening soon). I designed all of the pillows and left it to the professionals to sew.  I am trying to get a little collection of different prototypes to see what people like and then I will do some repeats. The plan is do to all of the pillows very unique and not duplicate them more than a couple times. 

I would love your feedback and opinion on which ones you like!

On this pillow I used a upholstery grade ikat along with a upholstery grade natural linen on the back. The corner trim is all done with yellow vintage trim.

I thought that I should do some neutral pillows, I love this modern southwest, chevron print done in a upholstery grade material on front and natural linen upholstery grade material on back. Finished off with white pom pom trim.

This pillow is so fun and has so much personality. The back and sides are done with denim and the middle section is my favorite, I love the bright pinks and oranges, finished off with pink pom pom trim.

The middle section of this last pillow is made from a vintage textile from India, it is embroidered and has tons of detail. I love how it turned out! The back and sides are made from green and ivory geometric upholstery grade material finished off with orange pom pom trim.

I am so happy with how all of these pillows turned out, they are all so unique and different. I will be getting some more pillows back soon and will post the details pretty soon!

I am going to be doing some really fun giveaways coming up soon so don't go too far!

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Jessie said...

Stacy, congratulations on your new endeavor! How exciting! I like the first pillow!


Becky said...

I LOvE the last pillow! How much wil, this be?

Fabrik ETC said...

I definitely savoured all bits and pieces of it including all the comments and I have added you to my bookmark list to check out new articles you post.

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