Monday, April 22, 2013

Ochre Chandelier look for less...

I found a few wanna be Ochre Chandeliers but for  those of you that don't want to mess around and would like to take home the original ochres artic pear chandelier, I wanted to include the link. The lights range in size from 17 3/4" D-47 1/4"D and in price from $3,690.00-$8,900.00. 

Okay, now onto some more affordable options. The cute and talented Meagan from Daly Designs sent me this link from Y Lighting.  With a $1793 price tag, we are making some progress....I love this beautiful light. The light comes in two finishes polished nickel and bronze,  it has a 35" diameter.

The Jupiter Chandelier from Z Gallerie fits the budget and look that I am considering for above my kitchen island. I was super excited to find this stylish light and super excited about the $399 price tag. 

I am sure there are more copycats floating around the Internet. I thought these two lovely lights needed a mention. 

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Jessie said...

Wow! The first one looks luxurious and fabulous! The price tag however, is not so fabulous. Love the less expensive alternatives.

Love your new blog design, it's very stylish!


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