Friday, April 5, 2013

My New Garage Sale Artwork...

A couple weekends ago, I was on my way home from the gym and saw a sign for a garage sale. Normally,  I would have drove on past and not even acknowledged the sign but this day I was feeling a bit adventurous so I followed the signs to the sale. I  think I was meant to land at this particular garage sale. The lady that was in charge said that she has a friend from a very prestigious area in Salt Lake City that was downsizing from her several million dollar home and wanted her to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

What stuck out to me the most was a couple pieces of artwork that were dusty and dirty. At first sight, I knew these pieces were hidden gems. I acted cool like I really wasn't all that interested in the artwork, then made a really high offer, $30 for both. My offer was accepted and I walked away with that finders high you get when you have just scored something for a really good deal!

I came home very proud of my new purchases and showed my husband, he really liked both! I cleaned them up and got them all pretty looking, the frames are in great condition!  Both of these pieces are original paintings signed by the artist. I wish I could make out who the artist is but the signatures are not very legible. These paintings could be worth a chunk of cold hard cash, I should go get them appraised:) I have always wanted some "real" artwork in my home, I think artwork can completely set the tone for a room if you have the right pieces. I will take pictures once I decide for sure where these gems are going to hang.

This piece is funny and I have been debating whether or not to hang it. I don't want to condone smoking and being a alcoholic homeless person to my children but I can't get over the colors in this piece, I love them!

Come back next week, I have some fun projects to share and if you want to hit up some garage sales, let me know:)

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