Monday, April 15, 2013

My Blog Got A Makeover...


I'm feeling officially official now with my blog's new look,  it was due time that my blog got a makeover. Through lots of trial and error, I attempted to add social media buttons, I tried to make my blog easier to navigate through. Turns out, I'm really not computer savvy at all. I decided to not waste anymore of my time unsuccessfully trying to make these updates on my own,  it was time to hire a professional to take over.

I came across the talented Carrie Loves Design website. All I have to say is that she is amazing and you need her help! Carrie is very knowledgeable, has great style and is fast and affordable... what else could you ask for? I wish I would have found Carrie years ago!

I'm so happy with the new look. I love that on my sidebar you can see my latest posts on instagram, my latest pins on pinterest and of course the different ways we can connect via social media.

To celebrate the launch of my new FB page and my new and improved website, I am going to be doing a E-Design room giveaway. Stay tuned and I will post the details this week!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

Megan Daly said...

So COOL Staci. You are so official now. :) I love it. I need to just do it too. I have been doing the same as you. Except my blog is more "ghetto" lol. Truly it looks amazing!

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