Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ochre Chandelier Obsession..

I cannot get this ochre chandelier off my mind since I came across this image on pinterest.  In fact, I can't get this whole kitchen space off my mind. I finally got the bug to start thinking about finishing our basement, I want to do a small kitchen and this would be my dream!

I think this eclectic light with the unique glass drops is so elegant and would look amazing in a simple/minimal type setting since it adds so much drama on its own.  I have been looking to replace the light above my kitchen island and I think I have finally landed on the right one. Now if I can find one that is affordable, I would be happy!

I want to move right into this image. The lighting adds the perfect touch of glamour when paired with  this simplistic neutral setting. 

Love, love this bedroom! Wood floors, floor to ceiling window, neutral tones, what's not to love about it? Now I want to put this light in my bedroom too, would that be weird to have different versions of this same light in every room? The answer is yes, darn!

Okay, last image. Perfection, describes this image. The giant ochre chandelier, the lavender chester sofa, the large scale antiqued mirror, all the pretty soft tones mixed together create a beautiful space!

Having the right type of lighting in your home can completely change the look and overall feel.  Do you need help to find the right lighting for your home? I can help, email me and we can discuss options:)

Now I'm on the hunt to track down and find a affordable version of this light, I will let you know if I have any luck:)


Megan Daly said...

I couldn't agree more. Love that chandelier. I found one at Lamps Plus but its still $1800. :/

Good Luck.

Kim Messick said...

I would love to find one like that as well! I'll keep checking in to see if my dream comes to pass!

Megan Daly said...

just thinking of you ;)

I was searching lighting for a client and came across this. Not sure if you had found it yet. So anyway here ya go.

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