Monday, March 4, 2013

Before & After: A Stairway Gets A New Look...

I went over to my client's house for a consultation. I had her send me pictures of her space before I came over, the first picture posted is one that she had emailed me. The first thing I noticed was that the front entryway was lacking. I could tell space was an issue and that focusing on the walls themselves might just be the answer to adding some personality and architectural interest. 

I suggested painting all the walls a lighter color, adding some wainscot to the stairway and painting the wainscot a pretty white tone to really make it stand out. The rest of the walls were painted in a pretty, light greige tone. I love when clients take my advice and run with it, they got started on their project right away and were able to tackle the job of adding the wainscot by themselves. 

The project for the wainscot came in at under $75 (I couldn't believe it)! They purchased the sheets of mdf board rather then the pre-cute mdf boards. Purchasing the sheets was about 1/3 less then what they estimated it would cost to buy the pre-cut boards. Obviously, it requires more labor on their part. They were able to borrow a table saw from a neighbor to get the job done.  I was very impressed with their first attempt at wall paneling, I think it turned out great! My client's are still working on projects that were presented to them during our consultation, I will post more pictures from this makeover upon completion. 

The "before" shot only shows the bottom of the stairway so just imagine all the walls looking the same as the bottom picture. 


Investing a little money into your home can sometimes be all it takes to change the look and feel. This budget friendly project adds a lot of charm and personality to this space!

If you have a room or rooms in your home that need a makeover,  I would love to help inspire and create a beautiful space that reflects you and your style. Contact me

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Megan Daly said...

Looks amazing. What a difference?!
Also impressed it was their first time ever. Way to go client! :)

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