Monday, March 25, 2013

Before & After Cabinet Makeover...

Over the weekend If found two of these glass cabinets for a steal. I decided that I would purchase them and give them a nice makeover. I haven't redone a piece of furniture in years. It seems like the older I get, the less patience I have for projects. 
I went to Home Depot to look at paint colors. I knew that I wanted to paint the back of the shelf a different color and since I am on a mint green kick, I went with Gliddens Minty Green for the back and Martha Stewarts Zinc for the gray and I did both colors in a flat finish. I used Home Depot's Behr paint line that is self-priming so there is no need to prime or sand (my kind of paint). 
I just did one coat of the gray on the real wood and since the back of the cabinet is more like a laminate piece, I had to do two coats. I think I know where I am going to put the two but I need to find some accessories to go inside as well as two matching table lamps. 
I will post a picture once they are in their final destination. Does anyone have any good tips on how to photograph artwork/furniture pieces that have glass? The glass is so reflective so it's hard to get a good shot!

Maybe I need to do re-takes :)


Jessie said...

Great cabinets! Looking forward to see the makeover and see how you would style them!


Sarah Navina said...

After painting your Cabinet is looking nice and admirable. Nice color you have painted good job. You know what... i have shared your work at my facebook page - Efurniture. Thanks

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