Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The underdressed fireplace...

I really love to help others with design just in case you were unaware of that. I am constantly learning new tips and tricks, what I like, what I don't like, what works and what doesn't, what to skimp on and what to splurge on, etc, etc...

Today I want to focus on the fireplace. The fireplace can create such a statement if done the right way,  it can be the focal point of any room or it can be the eyesore of any room depending on how it's dressed. I have seen way too many fireplaces that have been cut short. What do I mean by cut short? I have seen builders that won't go as far as adding a mantle. Others may add the cheap mantle and some inexpensive tile around the fireplace surround but it doesn't extend much beyond that. The majority of builders want to finish your house as cheap as possible so they aren't going to throw in a bunch of extras so its up to you to add the finish details that can take something like your fireplace from blah to bling (that was really cheesy)!

This is my tip for the day. Re-doing your fireplace is not going to break the bank. There are so many ideas floating around the internet that can help to dress up your fireplace. Remove the old tile and start over. My advice is to carry whatever design you decide to go with and start from the floor and take the same design all the way to the ceiling. The overall look and feel will create such a statement! Do it and when you are done, send before and after pictures my way!

The overall look of this room is nice but what happened with the fireplace? This is a prime example of a fireplace gone bad. The mantle is floating in mid air and the tile looks incomplete.

This fireplace looks like the contractor walked off the job without remembering to put the mantle on.

This picture demonstrates a very practical solution. If you have existing brick, you could paint it the same color as the wall paneling. I love this shiplap pattern and this look is so inexpensive to create using mdf fiber board.

I love the look of this fireplace and the character that it brings to this room. What a difference it makes to use the same pattern from floor to ceiling. Again, another look you could create using mdf boards and some paint!

Even if you don't have tall ceilings, you can still pull off the finished look. This picture is a great example of using moldings to create a polished look by using the same paint color and framing in the fireplace so that it looks like one unit.

If you need help designing your new fireplace, contact me at stacichavez@ymail.com. I love helping all of you non-Utahn's as well!!

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