Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Annie Sloan chalk paint...

I might be a little late on the chalkboard paint trend but have you tried Annie Sloan's chalk paint before? My good friend just introduced me to this line of paints after she used it to re-do a side table. I think I have met my paint line match. I used to have the patience for redoing furniture when I was younger. To think of sanding down, priming and doing all the prep work prior to refinishing a piece of furniture sounds like torture to me.

That is what is so cool about this line of paints. I have heard this is the best product for painting furniture on the market, there is no need to sand or prime, you can add water to dilute and create a wash  finish or you can leave the lid off to thicken and depending on what type of brush you use you can create a smooth finish or a more aged, weathered look. I think this paint could be the perfect solution for re-doing kitchen cabinets. The coverage looks really good and the finish has a velvety matte look.

The color palette has some really pretty colors to choose from.

I went to the Annie Sloan website and looked under the portfolio of painted pieces and found these beauties. I think I need to find a piece of furntiure to redo!

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