Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Solution To Your Children's Artwork...

My kids are all little artists, I have their artwork strung all over my house. I decided that it was time that I needed to find a practical solution to display their masterpieces. I have a long hallway upstairs that was empty and boring. I had found this mounted wire device that came complete with clips at Ikea several years back, I had put it away and had forgotten all about it. I should have hung onto the packaging so I could link to Ikea's website. 
 I was happy to find it and have a plan for it. I love to walk pass their cute artwork, it makes this hallway so much happier and the kids get excited to hang their pieces. There are so many cute ideas for displaying children's artwork, I am happy I found one that works well in our home!

Do you have any creative ways of displaying your children's artwork? 

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