Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sliding barn doors...Another project to add to the list...

There are always things that come up that you would re-do after building a home. My husband always comments that he wishes we would have added doors to the office. The office connects to our family room so I thought it would break up the flow. I do however wish sometimes that I could go work in the office and have doors to shut.

I was looking through a magazine the other day and came across the perfect solution. I have seen the sliding barn door look a lot and I like it but have never considered doing it in my own home before. I really like the fact that the doors create such a dramatic effect and would look beautiful open or closed and would not disrupt the flow.  I now have another project to add to the list.

I don't know what style of door I want to do but I do know that I would have the doors painted the same color as the office, Farrow & Ball downpipe, if you are looking for really dark gray paint color, I have loved this color! Ideally, it would be nice if I could find a set of heavy-duty, reclaimed doors for the job!

I get the chills when I look at this image, the blue doors are to die for and so is everything else!

Love these reclaimed doors in this modern kitchen. There is so much visual interest in this space, it comes together perfectly with all the layered textures.

Love the style and color of the door hung outside the bathroom. This would be a great solution when space is an issue.

What do you think of this look? Love it/ Hate it?

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Megan Daly said...

LOVE IT. I to want to add barn doors in my house but again it's on the list TO DO ;)

Also, I am excited about the F&B downpipe color you used. I pinned it to my paint board on pinterest. I will have to use it sometime. It is so pretty in your office. love it.

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