Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My favorite tile looks...

I REALLY love to pick out tile, I think you can completely change the look/feel of a room when the right tile and the right combo is selected. I love working with clients that are not afraid to go with something that brings them a little out of their comfort zone that stretches what they normally feel comfortable with. I especially love picking out back splashes, it is such a great way to bring in texture, pattern and color and dress up your kitchen and kick it up a notch.

The only problem with shopping for tile is that I want to come home and re-do all of the tile in my house. I really need to get my investment property so I can let loose on all the designs that are stored in my brain. There is a constant turn around with tile design, I think the style changes as often as fashion. There are some timeless designs that will always and forever look good but of course there are some trendy styles that I like for a month and the next month, I'm over it.

The below images display different tile designs that I'm into right now...

I am always impressed by Arabesque tile, love the look, love the pattern, love the detail!

I am a sucker for the basketweave tile. I love the classic black and white design, this tile has so much character and is the opposite of boring!

Hexagon tile no matter the size and just about any color or pattern will be sure to add a lot of personality to a space.

For a unique, custom look, I love the linear tile. I think it looks so pretty laid horizontally or vertically.

If you need help picking out tile and putting together a design, I would be so very happy to help :)

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Molly said...

I love that linear tile on the floor! And I loved that bathroom with the hey tile on the walls with the floor tile. Great images!

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