Monday, January 14, 2013

It's official...I'm ready for Summer!

It has been the coldest I can ever remember it being here in Utah.  My faux ugg boots, cozy socks and coat have been stuck to my body for like a month now! I can barely stand to put gas in my car or walk out to get the mail, I know I'm a huge baby! On the positive side, I am really grateful for all the snow/water we have received and it does look really pretty outside. We have spent a lot of time indoors lounging around and watching more movies than I care to admit!

Below are some pictures of my life as of late...

Using my cute 4 year old as an excuse to cuddle up and get warm. As challenging as it is to have 3 kids under the age of 6, I don't want them to grow up. I love their sweet innocence and curiosity. They are all at such fun ages!

Love my little analytical thinker, that is smarter than I am. The questions this girl comes up with boggle my mind, half the time I don't know the answer. I'm thinking maybe I should go back to college so that I can keep up with her and have some answers..

Eli is my ambitious 2 year old that won't wait on anyone to get the job done. If you aren't there to help him when he asks, he takes matters into his own hands and will whip up a sandwich or whatever the task may be :) He is very independent and has such a fun/funny personality!

Now that my kids are getting older, they get all excited about the Holidays and have noticed that the only Holiday decor that I have is Christmas. I decided that maybe I should think about changing that, I found this cute chalkboard heart at Taipan..that's a start to my collection!

Dave is such a nice Dad. He took all of our kids swimming at an indoor pool on a 20 degree day and was excited about it! I'm lucky to have such a involved husband that loves spending time with our kids!

Stella recently decided that she likes to clean, I walked into the bathroom to see that she had put this stool on the counter top in their bathroom to clean the light fixture. She has been my dare devil child since the beginning. For some reason, not much scares her. She is not afraid of heights and when presented with a challenge, especially a physical one i.e., riding a bike, swimming.. she won't stop until she has it all figured out. 


kami @ said...

Hi Stac! I know what you mean! It's just been fa-reezing!!

Your little Eli cracks me up with his love for food. It's so cute.

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