Friday, November 16, 2012

In the spirit of Thanksgiving..

 I am thankful for so many things, I could spend hours coming up with lists of all the things I'm grateful for. Today, I want to focus on how grateful I am for my husband that I have grown to love even more than I did eleven years ago when we got married.  He is constantly showing me by example a man of integrity, respect, humility, faithfulness, charity, love, patience, empathy, unselfishness, kindness, the list could go on! He loves to spend time with our kids and will go out of his way to find ways to include them in his everyday activities, he is always giving of his time even after long hours spent at work.

Dave loves to buy Chloe little notebooks so she can write her feelings down or do her artwork. I was looking for a piece of scratch-paper and opened up her little book to find this note that he had left for her. Just one more reminder of how this day and everyday, I am thankful to be married to such a kind-hearted, genuine man!

I saw this short but very powerful clip that made me think of how Dave is a wonderful example of "Loving their Mother". This has been on my mind a lot lately, how to raise young girls in a turbulent world so that they are self-confidant, secure and have the desire to make good choices. The value of fathers is sometimes underemphasized but I do believe they have a critical role in raising
their children.

Thank you Dave for being the example that I look up to, I feel so thankful to be your wife!

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