Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I want..don't need...a new kitchen table..

We have had the same kitchen table for probably about 8 years. This isn't a bad thing...I purchased it at a furniture clearance center for close to $100, it has been a good table and I don't feel bad at all about the initial investment. It is now showing signs of wear, I'm not afraid that the kids are going to mess it up they really can't do much damage to it. The color is cherry wood which really doesn't go with anything that I currently have, the top of the table has a fair amount of scratches on it, it seats my family comfortably.
But...I'm over it! I am ready for a new look but don't know if I should just wait until the kids are older so I don't have to worry about the new one being damaged. I have already been out looking for new tables but haven't come across anything that I love. The problem with me is once the seed has been planted and I get an idea in my head, it's hard to let it go. I should let practicality win and just make do. I pinned some photo's of what my ideal kitchen table would look like.

I'm in love with this table, I really like the zinc tabletop with the X-wood base. A little sterile looking but then the wood warms things up. I love it paired with the comfy chairs although that would not fly in my household, I would be scrubbing them down everyday.

I love the clean lines on this pretty Restoration Hardware table. I have always preferred rectangular tables but this round table changed my mind.

You really can't ever go wrong with carrarra marble. This one is from West Elm,  I love the combination of the marble with the cast iron legs. I'm afraid this table would probably have to make an appearance during the retirement ages.

World Market always has a cool selection of tables and right now they are doing 25% off all the furniture. I like the clean lines and they size of this pretty table.

Now I need to put these table ideas out of my head and focus on starting my Christmas shopping.

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