Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas exterior..

I was really motivated several weeks ago to get going on all my Holiday decorating. I put up the tree and all my Christmas decor. I purchased wreaths last year post Christmas sale for what I thought were all the windows in the front of my house. I guess I somehow came in 4 wreaths too short or maybe I did it intentionally. I have 12 windows in the front of my home, maybe I will just do the main part of my house with the wreaths. The garage area is set back so hopefully it won't be too obvious.

I had to spray paint all of the wreaths green because they were a weird red color, I found bows and ribbon at the dollar store to attach. I love the way wreaths look hanging on the exterior of windows but I don't think it would be a practical approach considering that my house is over 20ft tall. If one of those fell down, it would be a production to put it up again.  They look good in the interior but not as good as they would hanging on the exterior. My problem is that you can't see the wreaths at all at nighttime. I ordered battery powered candle sticks to put in each window, I hope they come soon!

Now I need to figure out what to do with the porch. I have been looking on the local classifieds for some cheap/cute exterior decor. I wish I would have had all this done last week. I will be taking it all down too soon:(

I am pulling bits and pieces from all of the below inspiration images.

Love this Saltbox with all the lit up windows.

Cute wreaths on the coveted exterior.

Love this house! I think instead of stringing lights, I might just go find a spotlight to shine towards the house. I wonder where I could find a red runner, that might be too red carpetish, wannabeish...

Maybe next year I will opt for two large wreaths but maybe not now that I have spent a billion hours on my wreaths that really aren't that cool. Love this gorgeous home!

Maybe if I get brave, I will post a pic of my exterior when I'm done!

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Molly said...

that post was like a drama series...always the hook to keep us coming back. i was anticipating photos but ill just have to stay tuned

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