Thursday, October 11, 2012

Think base molding...

In my hours spent online viewing design images, I have come across some great design that is lacking one very important element that could really take the look of the room to a whole new level.  I have seen rooms decorated beautifully but I always, with out fail get stumped and can't get over it when the base moldings are not wide enough. The base moldings top off the look of the wall and floor and can make a room appear more "finished" and fine tuned.

Moldings that are not wide enough

I know this can easily be overlooked by the rest of the world but in my opinion this is essential to really polish off the look of a room. How I view it is that the molding doesn't have to be a specific style it just has to be at least 6" wide. What if you have, say 4" baseboards and you don't want to have to remove all of them and start over. My suggestion would be to add a base cap directly on top of your existing molding and make it appear as one unit. Base caps come in a variety of width's and styles. Take a look at your existing base molding and also the molding around your windows and doors.  Find a style that complements the look that you already have and doesn't compete or seem out of character. Another idea would be to replace your existing base with new molding and use your old molding to go on top of the new molding so it would be really wide without having to pay for a new wider width of molding. Did that make sense?

If found this image that shows the different widths and styles of base cap's. 

Another idea I have seen is to add quarter round molding several inches above your existing molding so there is a gap between the two moldings and part of your wall is exposed. Paint the new quarter round and everything below the same color so it appears as one thick piece of molding.

I love the look of the heavy moldings in this image.

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molly said...

I never thought of that! I notice when fireplaces have an undersized mantle but moldings make a difference too.

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