Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Re-cap of the party of the century...

My brother in law through the most incredible surprise party for my sister's 40th Birthday. It was more gorgeous than any wedding that I have ever attended. No details were spared in the planning and execution of this party. I am still trying to take in and remember the whole evening because it still feels like a dream.
For starters, the table setting was beautiful. I couldn't get over the colors. I suddenly wanted to go back in time and re-do my whole wedding reception and hire Courtney to take over and decorate. The flower centerpieces with the peonies and roses with the pops of green were the perfect color combo. 

The gold faux bamboo chairs were such a fun texture combined with the gold chargers and gold silverware. I love the striped table-runner, what a unique and unexpected color combo.

I couldn't get enough of the cake table because.. well the cake was delicious and check out the strand of fresh flowers strung across the length of the table. The pom-pom banner was adorable with the pretty color tones. I love the fresh florals in the pretty vases along with the pastel cake stands. I could have stared at this table all night!

Every guest received the cutest, little party favor box with chocolate covered strawberries that were delicious! For the appetizer caprese kabobs were served and a mista salad. The main course consisted of  wood-fired pizzas that were amazing and for dessert, gelato. Yum!!

The event took place in their backyard. Strands of lights were strung across the yard and it looked so pretty at nighttime! The pretty floral theme continued not only underneath the tent but through out the yard. And of course there was an ice sculpture of the statue of David, why wouldn't there be?

 My brother in law got one of the best photographers in Utah, Justin Hackworth who is nationally recognized for his talent, to come to the party and take snapshots of the evening. If you have never checked out his work before, you must! He has such a good eye and I love his photography style!!

My brother in law had arranged for a professional videographer to film and interview my parents and siblings say a few things about my sister. They played the video during the party and I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd. The editing and the music far surpassed what I was expecting. I think everyone deserves to have a video about themselves produced by Kale Fitch Films to remind you how much you are loved by others. Just in case you want to take 13 minutes out of your day, you can view the film here.

Justin Hackworth

Me and my husband posing by the lemon tree with the sun blaring in our faces..

A while back, my brother in law discovered Sam Tsui via a news report he had heard about this talented, young musician that has become famous from Youtube . He is coming out with his first album this year and I have no doubt he is going to make it big! Not only is he incredibly talented but he is so personable and one of the nicest and most genuine person I have met. He was a great performer with lots of enthusiasm. Both my little nieces and their friends were all smitten by him, it was so cute to see them all excited. After the show, they were all so excited to talk to him and get lots of pictures with him!

You should check out Sam Tsui on Youtube, you won't be disappointed! 

Obviously, lemon trees do not grow in Idaho, they were imported and lined both the walkway and the tent area. It smelled so pretty!  I forgot that I was in Idaho with all the pretty florals and lemon trees all around.

My sister had been in Utah all day and didn't have a clue what was going on. I snapped a pic when she arrived home and came into her backyard, she was so surprised surrounded by all of her family and friends.  I couldn't believe how her yard was transformed into a paradise while she was away all within a days time.

Now back to reality, I have post-party depression!


Terri Frandsen said...

That video was so sweet! I couldn't keep my eyes dry either. Tori was quite a bit older than me but she was always so kind to me. I remember when I was probably 2 years old and she pushed me on the swings at Grandma Pearl's house and I could feel how much she cared about me. Almost like a Mother to a child. Even now at family party's she always makes a point to say hi to me. Happy 40th to her!

kami @ said...

Seriously! I would be in heaven there! Your sister is the luckiest girl ever!

What a party!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** My heart is warmly & genuinely singing at this most incredible show of a man's love and admiration for the love of his life... Just PERFECTLY B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L, from his conception of the idea to the execution of it all...

Lucxky lady... and obviously a lucky man...

THANK YOU for sharing & "making my day" even BETTER than it already HAS been!!!

Warmest blessings to all,
Linda in AZ *

Jessie said...

Your sister is such a lucky lady! What a beautiful birthday party! The table setting and the whole set up is unbelievably gorgeous! I love everything. How fun to be invited!


Gary and Bree said...

What an amazing fairy tale party!! So glad you guys got to be there :)

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