Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lets talk about the herringbone pattern...

I love this timeless pattern and wish I would have somehow incorporated into my home...There is something about the slanted parallel lines that make textiles, brickwork, flooring, fireplace and a back splash really come to life.

The herringbone pattern can be easily mistaken for the chevron pattern but they are in fact different. A fun idea would be to add this pattern through decorative pillows like this one found on etsy.

Take this gorgeous room for example. The herringbone fireplace insert takes this already beautiful room one step further paired with the slipper chairs, convex mirror, patterned rug, wainscot and gold sconces. I'm in love!

I did use the same type of white oak flooring in my home but wish so badly I would have thought to do the herringbone pattern. I love the classic, rustic charm the flooring adds to this space.

I could stare at this kitchen all day! I love the streamlined look of this space with the carrara marble, herringbone back splash paired with the industrial appliances. Take subway tiles for example, you see them all the time. Put the subway tiles in a herringbone pattern and now the classic tile has a fresh new look!

I love the way brickwork looks when done in a herringbone pattern, the texture adds so much character!  This image is a picture of the facade of a apartment building in Prague. I would move into an apartment building in Prague but only if the exterior is done in a herringbone pattern :)

What do you think of this pattern? Are you into it?


Jessie said...

I am a big fan of the herringbone pattern too. I have a soft spot for herringbone wood floors, they are so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Love the white oak floor look. Looking for new hardwood flooring. What product did you use in your house? Thanks.

Staci Chavez said...

I used the wire brushed white oak flooring and purchased it locally in Salt Lake.

Megan Daly said...

Yes, yes, and yes. Love it! My fave's are the Fireplace (swoon) and the marble backsplash in that Beautiful White Kitchen. Just Stunning!!

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