Thursday, May 31, 2012

A year in review...

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's almost been a year since I started branching out and designing for others. I have learned so much this past year and have had so much fun transforming client's homes. With each job, I have learned more and with new challenges come different learning opportunities. I love that no two design jobs are the same, that my job is always changing and always rewarding! I hope this next year will be full of new opportunities to continue doing what I am passionate about!

I thought that since it's coming up to my year anniversary that it would be fun to look back at all the before and afters starting with my very first design job...

Hopefully you can tell which is the "before" picture so that I don't have to go through and label them all :)

I remember being so nervous when I went to go stage this living room for my first time. I was so relieved when everything was all pulled together and I didn't forget any of the small details!

This living room was a blank slate to start off with. I had a lot of fun pulling this room together,  I love the subtle mid-century vibe. My husband was such a great sport to tag along with me and use his perfectionist skills to help me with all the hanging that took place.

I love how different the before and afters from this job look. Not only new furniture pieces and accessories were added but the lighter paint and trim color as well as the new flooring really made this room a fun transformation!

I was thrilled with the transformation of this room. My client was so motivated and we were able to pull together this room in two weeks time which is a record thus far! I love the feminine but not overly feminine feel this room has!

This is my sister's front room. Every time I go to her house, I have to go peek in her room, it is so bright, cheery and relaxing! It was so rewarding when my sister told me that her new room is her favorite in the house. She was great to go along with most of my suggestions and we were both really happy with the end result!

I was excited to take a temporary break from living rooms and focus my energy on a nook area. I really think this space turned out beautifully with the new additions!

Come back next week, I have another really fun before and after to share!

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Elena @ La Petite Vie said...

You are amazing, just love your work! Congrats and Cheers to your 1 year, woohoo!

Jessie said...

Happy first year blogging anniversary! I really enjoyed checking out all the before and afters! You did a great job, Staci.

Have a great weekend!


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