Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Framing cards

When I was shopping at World Market and found my new front porch mat , I also came across these pretty cards and thought to myself that they would look really pretty as wall art. I have been looking for some sort of uniqe wall hanging for above my bench in my front entryway.  I love the artwork and quotes by Kobi Yamada and Ralph Waldo Emerson on these fun colored cards. Have you ever came across pretty cards or even postcards that you thought would look amazing as wall art?
World Market was having sale on all their wall decor.  I was excited to find these whitewash frames , which btw it looks like they are still on sale:)
I ordered some custom mats from this etsy seller, I was really happy with them.  I think matting can really create an appealing transition from the image to the frame. I'm happy with the way they turned out!


Megan Daly said...

Oh yes. SOOO Pretty. Love the cards and the whitewash frames.

P.S. You asked how I got my gallery wall frames from moving? It's that yellow craft tacky stuff. You pinch off a little and stick it to the back of the wood and viola no movement!

Jessie said...

I enjoy checking out the greeting cards section whenever I am at Target, the mall, yes, even World Market, etc. I have always wanted to frame those pretty cards but always end up buying big pieces of artwork at Homegoods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. LOL.

Lovely frames and cards, they look great above your bench.

Have a good day, Staci!


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