Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home Goods rarely disappoints!

I am still trying to pull together pieces for my front room. I'm sure once I'm finally done with this room, I will want to change it up once again. That is the really hard part about constant exposure to the design world. You either want to continually change up your decor/furniture or you want to move and start over. This has been a really good outlet for me to design other people's spaces. I can get out all the creative energy working in their homes.

I found this great coffee table from West Elm for a steal. A coffee table was on the list but I wasn't having much luck finding one that was the right style. I have been wanting to add some artwork to this room so I hit up Home Goods. I love this light canvas I found. The colors work well with what I have going on and it was only $40! I'm not sure if this location will be the final destination but until I can come up with another plan, it might just live here!


Amanda said...

very nice! and your so right about wanting to toss everything and start over. I cant tell you how many times I have re-decroated my home in my head!

Jessie said...

Most designers have the tendency to redecorate their homes in their heads, blame it on all the creative energy! LOL. By the way, I have the same west elm coffee table too but it was sent to the basement a while ago because it got scratched so badly by my son's toys! LOL. We definitely share a similar sense of design style.

Love your new artwork by the way.

P/S: Staci, don't forget to enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Kirkland's gift card!

Have a nice day!


Mandy said...

The colors in the canvas really pull the whole room together! I love the furniture set-up you reminds me of a chic hotel lobby. It's so bright & cheerful!

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Amanda Hill said...

I adore the color and texture of that table every time I see it! And of course Home Goods Rocks...yours are so much better up there :)

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