Monday, January 2, 2012

My sister's living room: Updated

After I finished working on my sister's living room, I was looking over the pictures and realized there was a missing piece. The rug needed an anchor so it didn't look like it was floating in the middle of the room.

We set out to find a coffee table to give the room a more polished/finished appearance. The beautiful, reclaimed coffee table from Pottery Barn was the perfect size and scale for the space. I think the room looks more pulled together now with the added table.

I wanted to find some decorative accents for the new coffee table and more to add to the console table. I love styling furniture pieces with pretty finds! I have been spotting a lot of the wire bird cage look going on. I picked up this cute little cage along with the industrial metal basket to house books for an extra boost of color and texture. My sister is going to find a large candle or plant to put inside the cage. Do you have any other ideas of what would look good to put inside one of these? Also, we tried several different stores for some decorative boxes to put on the bottom of the console table. We had no luck but we are going to keep looking, I think the boxes will look great!

By the way, I love my wide angle lens. Before, I was only able to capture part of this room. It's perfect that I can shoot the whole space rather than just sections at a time.


Amanda said...

Its lovely! I have that rug in my daughters room, is yours really scratchy? Her's seems so stiff and I've had other 100% wool rugs that were softer-just wondering if it was just mine b/c I didnt order it direct from the Manufacturer but from Joss & Main.
Have a great day!

Amanda Hill said...

Lookin good! The color pallet is fab!

Anonymous said...

I love the added coffee table and accessories, it's amazing how the small details really have a dramatic effect! You are so talanted!

Holly said...

The rug is great and nice that you've added in the coffee table in there for some balance. For the birdcage, perhaps there are some special notes or letters that your sister could store in there that have special meaning. I wonder if you got a large enough scarf or piece of fabric if you could kind of bunch it up to create some color in there - just thinking out loud. I really love the galvanized metal basket. Is that from Homegoods? I've gotten a few baskets similar to that look from Homegoods and they have been great and affordable too. The photos are great too - that new lens is getting put to good use. I might try to take a class this year for photography tips. How is the lipstick resolution working out? Not so much for me - just chapstick so far.

Staci said...

Amanda, isn't too stiff and it is a bit scratchy. We ordered her's through Shades of Light.

Holly, I found the basket locally at Taipan. So far so good on the lipstick resolution. Keep wearing your chapstick your heading in the right direction :).

Thanks everyone for your nice comments, they mean a lot!

Jessie said...

I love the new accessories especially the metal basket and birdcage! Great finds, Staci! I also love how your new lens capture the whole room. It made such a difference.


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