Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm feeling really official...

I was excited to find my little box of stylish mini cards in the mail yesterday and they came in the cutest packaging. I have been wanting to order business cards for some time now. I forget that you can do almost anything online in this day and age. I dreaded coming up with a design for my cards and figuring out a place locally to get them printed.

I started to do a little research online and came across The website had exactly what I had in mind. They had quite a few designs to choose from. I love the abstract print that I chose and as an added bonus they were very affordable. There are about 8 different colored designs that came in the box. I love the small size, why is it that things that are mini are so dang cute? The website was very user friendly and my shipment came really fast.

Do you have your own business cards? If so, do you have a favorite website that you order your cards from? Am I totally behind the times and business cards are a thing of the past?


Jessie said...

Nope, I do not own any business cards but I have been planning to print some in the future! I am so happy for you, I can relate your excitement! The business cards look great and getting official feels like a step closer to being a professional designer, don't you think?

I found some cute business cards on Etsy. Here are some of my faves.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and joyous Christmas season!


Holly said...

How exciting Staci! I love that you got an eye catching card and that it comes in a variety of colors. I've been researching different sites and I will definitely add this one to my list. One of my goals in 2012 is to hopefully start a business so lots of to-do's and things to think about. I think business cards are so important and good to have one that stands out.

Staci said...

I'm so excited for you Holly, you will do great!
Jessie, I would have never thought to check out Etsy. Thanks for leaving the links now I want to re-do mine, he he!

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