Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chrismas morning re-cap...

We had such a great Christmas. My kids are at such a fun age! They were so excited Christmas morning to wake up to their new found treasures. I'm glad they haven't hit the expensive electronic phase, they are still into stuffed animals, games and toys. Eli, my 18 month old could of cared less about the presents. He is so into food right now, he could eat all day. He was in the kitchen the whole time trying to find something to eat.

Chloe really wanted me to get a picture of her and Stella with all her old and new stuffed animals lined up on the stairs. Chloe said "Mom sometimes I think my stuffed animals might be real", I will let her believe that! She has such an attachment to those things!

I was super spoiled and got a wide angle lens. I am so excited to say the least. I always wish that I could take a picture of a whole room in one shot instead of just sections. I had fun experimenting with it and can't wait to use it in future design projects. Now I need to go re-take all of the pictures of my house. That would mean that I need to clean and right now my house looks like a bomb went off with all the toys scattered everywhere. I told myself I wasn't going to worry about cleaning up all the toys this week that means that they are everywhere! I 'm trying to not let it bug me, Chloe is out of school this week so as long as they are entertained playing with them, I'm good!

Its kinda sad that Christmas has already come and gone. All the prep work, parties, Christmas festivities came and went so fast. January, February and March are such long, cold months in Utah. I will have to figure out how to keep the kids entertained and make time go fast. Can't wait until Spring/Summer!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


Gary and Bree said...

So cute! I love all of the pictures of your pretty kids.

Jessie said...

What a great and thoughtful Christmas gift you got there! I immediately thought how perfect it is for taking great pictures for your design portfolio.

Your kids are so adorable and beautiful. Seeing their pictures make me smile.

Hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas celebration as well!

P/S: I forgot to ask. The previous Santa that was in your home. Is he a friend, a relative, or someone you hired?


Staci said...

Thanks Jessie! Yes, the Santa was a family friend! He did a great job, it was fun to see the kids so excited for the first few minutes! Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

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