Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend re-cap

We had such a fun and adventurous Thanksgiving weekend, my sister invited us to her home in St. George. The weather was gorgeous in the high 60's the whole time. The kids had so much fun with their cousins swimming and playing at the Sand Dunes.

I did not edit this picture, I just took it at the perfect time...

The kids all wanted to be burried. After about 5 minutes of realizing that they couldn't move, they all wanted to get out. I thought it would be the perfect time for all the adults to go grab lunch and do some shopping. The sand dunes are located in Snow Canyon, I think the scenery provides the best backdrop for pictues, I took a ton of the kids and they turned out so cute!

Chillin at the house...Eli looks like he's ten with his new short haircut. I attempted to trim his hair and screwed up so bad that I had to shave it.

We were so spoiled and lucky on Saturday night. My generous brother in law surprised all the adults with a flight and tickets to go see La Reve in Las Vegas. I felt like I was on a game show and just won a mini-vacation. It didn't seem real.. We ate at Wolf Gang Puck's and it was delicious, I would for sure go back. La Reve was such a surreal and amazing show, I loved it. The whole performance is done in water, the special effects, diving and acrobatics were unreal. I was able to stay awake and that is huge for me!
I love my family so much and love spending time with them!


Holly said...

Oh how fun! We ate at Wolfgang Puck's when we went to Vegas and it was so good - I would also go back again in a heartbeat. Your photos are awesome - glad you had a wonderful weekend. The weather has been great here in PA as well.

Amanda Hill said...

Gahhh we love the sand dunes. I am in Southern Utah and this is a big part of our weekends! And cab never go wrong! What the heck with the private jets...what does your family do???? Jealous :)

Jessie said...

The pictures are stunning! I especially love the one with the kids buried inside the sand, they all looked so adorable. I am glad you had a fun and fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.

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