Thursday, November 17, 2011

More of my sister's lovely home

I spent this past weekend with my Mom and sisters on our annual girls vacation in St. George Utah. We ventured off to Zions National Park and Las Vegas too. We had such a fun time laughing, shopping, hiking, eating... it's so nice to spend a weekend away not having to worry about any schedules, kids, meals etc... I love to spend time with these ladies! The only bad part is that now I want to plan another vacation, real soon!
I know I have showed pictures of my sisters home before when I was staying there last. Her home has had even more decorating take place since my last stay. I could have taken many more pictures of the beautiful details. Her home belongs in a magazine, it truly is a stunning home. The talented designers at Heritage Home and Garden are responsible for doing such a gorgeous job with this amazing home!

Guest Casita

Guest bedrooms

Poolside backyard

Basement family room

Basement kitchenette


Guest bedroom

Master bath

Master bedroom

Front Entry

Stair landing

Back deck

Kitchen/Dining area/family room

The Girls trip crew...

We were spoiled and had the opportunity to fly in a private jet with gourmet cookies included!

Can't wait to go again next year!


Jessie said...

Beautiful home! Love so many pieces in there especially the gorgeous bed in the master bedroom, the charming trunk coffee table, the green chair and those dining chairs! Thanks for the lovely tour of your sister's home.

Just wondering, did you help you sister decorate?

I am glad you had so much fun last weekend! What a great way to enjoy some fabulous girl time!


Staci said...

Jessie, I did not help with the decorating of this beautiful home, I wish I could take credit!

Terri Frandsen said...

Staci, that is absolutely amazing! What does Dave (Tori's husband) do for a living?!

Jessie said...

If your sister decorates her home on her own, it goes to show that she has great taste in decorating, just like you. :)

Have a lovely weekend, Staci!

P/S: Thanks for visiting my my guest post!


Staci said...

Terri, he does wealth management..

Jamie said...

I would love to know where the sectional in the Family room, and the sofa in the living room are from. Just beautiful!

Staci said...

All of the furniture was purchased through my sister's designer located in St. George Utah. The designers company is Heritage Home and Garden.

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