Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Seattle getaway...

I just got back from spending the weekend in Seattle with my sweet husband! We had a great time. I wasn't prepared for the cold weather there. I packed one light weight jacket and wore it the entire weekend. I was SO COLD! Everyone was wearing coats and boots. I left the 85 degree weather in Salt Lake not expecting the colder temps.

Some of the weekend highlights include: going to the Pike Place market and eating the best peach I think I have ever had, going to H&M more than once, eating at some great restaurants including Bennett's Pure Food Bistro, and Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, going to Snoqualmie Falls, going to see the play "Saving Aimee", falling asleep 25 minutes into the play and leaving during intermission because I was so ridiculously tired (it really was a good play I just can't stay awake very well during plays and movies, it's a sickness) and lastly doing a little sight seeing....

Oh and I put a picture of black leggings because 90% of the woman there were wearing black leggings. I didn't' want to feel left out so I bought myself a pair. My husband usually never notices what people are wearing and he was observant enough to point out that the majority of girls were all wearing black leggings paired with a scarf and boots.

I went to Anthropologie and bought these gorgeous coasters. I have a fun project in mind that I can't wait to try out, I will post the results!

Have you ever been to Seattle? What was your favorite thing to do there?


Jessie said...

I have never been to Seattle but would love to visit some day. My husband has been telling me how gorgeous Seattle is. I am glad you had a wonderful weekend with your husband.

Love your new coasters, by the way. Looking forward to see your fun project!

Oh, I forgot to ask. I am wondering where did you get your beautiful Albert Einstein artwork in your previous post?

By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway! Come by and enter for a chance to win a designer beach umbrella from Cocopani Australia. (valued at $110)


kami @ said...

How fun Stac!

My good friend Marie just moved there, and I'd love to go visit.

I need some black leggings too! :)

Staci said...

I purchased the Einstein picture at a local decor store in Utah called Taipan. I am pretty sure they carry this same pic at Z Gallerie. I thought I remember seeing it on their website.

Go for the black leggings!

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