Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One unstoppable trend...

It seems as if every design magazine lately has pages that are full of furniture pieces and rooms with nail head trim. I love the texture, sparkle and interest a little trim can add to outline a piece of furniture that could otherwise be overlooked. People are so creative to think of adding nail head to not only furniture but also doors, bulletin boards etc...What's your take on this trend? Do you like it?

A rattan wrapped desk with nail head trim, two great textures combined.

This is the first that I have seen nail head trim on a rug, very cool!

The nailhead trim plus the pretty green color of this door looks incredible!

The design added to this little table is a great statement piece.

A nailhead trim bulletin board, this could be a easy DIY...and it looks so great!

Love the nail head trim on the headboard and I want this pink Serena and Lilly rug for Christmas!


Kimra ra ra ra said...

Nail head trim has never been my favorite, but the unconventional use on the doors gives incredible impact. My continuous hangup with many enticing decor/design ideas is the resulting difficulty of cleaning. Can't help but think of the Bedazzler Infomercial when looking at the small white buffet. However, that's probably a key as to why my house looks blah and yours is fabulous. Time to step out of my comfort bubble.

Amanda Hill said...

Just came across your blog! So glad I did...For sure becoming a new follower and scrolling back for more great posts!

I just did a DIY of that same inspiration board for my office. Posting it very soon!

Jessie said...

I don't like this trend, I LOVE this trend! Anything with nail heads trim tends to look extra fabulous! I absolutely adore the home office in the first picture! It's beautiful and stylish!


Holly said...

I really love the nailhead trim, and the funny thing is it's been around for so long but really HOT right now. I've never been one for trends but I do believe this is quite a classic look but can at times be overdone. I'm not sick of it yet! I love the trim on the rug - that is really cool.

Kristy Griffin said...

Love the nail head trim. They add so much texture and dimension to everyday objects. Great post.

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