Friday, September 9, 2011

Mood board for my sister's front room..

Have you ever tried using Olioboard? I had been looking for an application that would let me drag and drop images to create a mood board and I came across Olioboard. It is really user friendly and already has millions of images stored that you can use to create a space. You can also drag and drop your own images. I have been helping my sister design her front room. She is ready for a change and wanted to completely change the look. Several of these pieces she has already purchased. This was the first board I have created using this program, there is a lot I need to figure out but it was fun using. I am excited for her front room transformation!

1 comment:

Holly said...

I just started using Olioboard as well and really like, although I don't have anything to compare it to. I like how you set up this mood board and put the flooring as the background - this room is going to be great. And love that mirror that you got for a steal.

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