Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It never hurts to ask for a "better deal"

The older I become the less timid I become of asking a store associate for a "better deal". I often find that the majority of the time they are willing to come down on the price. I love to decorate for myself and for my clients on a budget. It is like an adrenaline rush for me when I can come out of a store and score something of great value to me for a steal. I have really brushed up on my negotiating skills. Beautiful spaces don't have to cost a fortune and I do believe you can acquire great quality pieces with out paying an arm and leg.
When we were building our house, I envisioned having a commercial grade looking stove and high end appliances to coordinate. I read all the consumer reports of the brands that I was considering purchasing. I'm glad that I took the time to do that. Most all of the appliances got horrible reviews and were always in need of repair. I went with the middle grade appliances and so far have not had any problems.
My point is that truly you can get great quality beautiful pieces with out paying for the "name" and it is possible to decorate at least one room in your home the way you want without breaking the bank. You deserve to have one room that makes you smile and feel proud of!

Take this mirror for example. I have been eyeing this mirror from the first time that I saw it on the Pier One Imports website. They marked it down to $150. I wen to my local Pier One store and noticed it was the last one there on clearance. I left the store and still wanted to buy it the next day. I called the store to ask if they would give me an additional discount off the clearance price. It was a little damaged because one of the mirrors had come loose. They gave me half off the clearance price. SCORE! It was so easy to glue the little mirror back into place. I will take pictures of it once I have it hung.

What about you? Do you ever negotiate your purchases?


Jessie said...

What a great deal! You definitely score a good deal on that mirror!

Yup, I negotiate my purchases when I see some scratches, discoloration, imperfections, etc. I hate paying full price for imperfect products. :)


Holly said...

How great! Now I'm going to start asking more when I see something I want. Great deal and love the mirror.

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