Thursday, September 29, 2011

My front room is starting to take shape!

I have been helping my friend design her front room and I found these great wing back, nail head chairs. I texted her a picture and told her that she needed them for her room. She purchased them and it turned out that they looked way too big for her room. I was always complaining about how I needed some furniture pieces that were to scale with my front room's 20 foot ceiling. Anyway, we decided to swap chairs. I love the chartreuse chairs that I have had but they were not to scale and they happened to be the perfect size for my friends front room. Have you ever thought of swapping furniture with friends? You should try it!
I found this great West Elm arc lamp at Downeast Home for a steal. It didn't come with a shade so I found the drum shade at Home Goods. I want to find a cool coffee table, some side tables, artwork and possibly a mirror. Just wanted to show you the progress of this evolving room.


Allison Egan said...

I love it! the wingback chairs look fantastic in your space and the furniture swap is a brilliant idea!

xo Allison
Spicer + Bank

Jessie said...

I love the wingback chairs! They are truly gorgeous. I also like how everything in the room comes along, they look so chic!

Have a lovely weekend!


Kristy Griffin said...

I so love your front room. It is simple, beautiful, and so my style.
PS I love the Einstein picture. Amazing!

Heidi said...

Where did you get that amazing table? I adore it!

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