Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My sister's french country inspired home...

We spent this past weekend at my sister's home. I'm still trying to decide if it was worth the 3 hour drive with three kids taking their turns crying and simultaneously crying, snacks stuck to the floor and in between the seats, fights breaking out, sugar induced meltdowns and no naps lasting more than 15 minutes long to finally arrive at Never land. I have learned my lesson that a road trip lasting longer than 3 hours is not in the cards for our family at this time unless we get a sound proof barrier in between the front and back seats.

Anway onto the purpose of this post.... No details were spared in the process of building this custom home, it is absolutely gorgeous! The landscaping makes you feel like you have escaped to Europe somewhere. I could sit outside on the porch for hours taking in the picturesque waterfalls, lavender field, and the limitless amount of trees and planting that has taken place. I took my camera on a tour and wanted to share my pictures with you!

Basement entrance just off the putting green.

The ever so scented lavender field. I can't remember exactly how many lavender plants were planted I want to say in the 300's.

There are planter boxes below most of the windows. Of course there is a wishing well why wouldn't there be?


My favorite details down the hallway are the gorgeous pillars and the lighting.

This is the view you see as you walk into the main entrance. There is no need for artwork with the grandiose picture window onlooking the beautiful yard.

I am really in love with shape and the stone used on the fireplace.

Notice how the table curves with the rounded wall in the front entryway.

I love the window seats in the girls bedrooms with the cute color schemes going on.


Aramie Judd Christopherson said...

This house and the grounds are just incredible! Matt & I both love lavender. I don't think I would ever want to leave!!

lyndsey said...

Get out! That hall is my dream!!!

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