Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Decorating with books

Now that I am turned onto the idea of using books as decorations I feel a little behind the times. I know this isn't a new practice. In fact as I was looking in magazines and online, I noticed that books are used all the time as a way to decorate and give a space personality. There are endless amounts of ways to get creative with how you display and organize books.
My friend Marti has the cutest books bound with the color pink displayed on her media stand, she said she bought them at the flea market. I had to go peruse the isles myself. I love the colors of these three books that I found. I think they do a good job in adding the right dose of texture and color to this space. I might be a regular on the book isle at the local D.I.

Since I dont' crack open books nearly enough I might as well get some visual usage out of them, right?

What about you, do you use books to decorate in your home or do you just read them like normal people do?

These images all accomplish the look 'in my book'.

via Martha Stewart

via Alice Lane

via Lonny Mag

via Real Simple

via Made By Girl

via Pottery Barn

via Apartment Therapy


Marti said...

Such a cute way to decorate and add personality. I love the big Chanel book

Terri Frandsen said...

I use mine to decorate as well! I love these ideas!

Anonymous said...

I too love decorating with books and using them as a platform to display decor.

Molly said...

My husband's parents have a million books on shelves and tables all throughout their house. They read a lot, but seriously i just want to go in and organize the make them look cute and more part of the decor, and take some home for my own shelves! I think you found good books stace! Doesn't matter what's in them, it's how they look on the table :)

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