Monday, July 18, 2011

My first design job

I just finished my first real design job. In the past, I have designed my own homes and have given many people advice. This was the first time I have gone into a clients home and come up with a design plan. I did all the shopping locally and staged the home. I have scoured so many interior design blogs and home decor magazines. It's funny the things that have really stuck in my head when I was coming up with ideas. I learned a lot about scale, proportion, texture and color. It was fun to see my passion for interior design translate into a beautiful space. My client was happy with the way her home turned out, it made it all worth it!

Next, I am going to be working on a mid-century modern home. It's going to be fun, I love that style!

This family room was pretty much a blank canvas. I had so much fun pulling together pieces for this space.

Isn't this a great sofa table? I have the same one in a grey color on my "wish list".

Added a new media console.

I love this media console with the middle apothecary drawers.

Livened up this corner with a tripod lamp (my fav), a chair and framed artwork.

This chair is such a statement piece. I'm in love with it. It was hard to part with!

I wanted to add a variety of texture and color with both the accessories and furniture. The wicker ottoman accomplishes my "texture" goal in a big way! The gorgeous area rug is 8x11 and 100% wool. I was excited about this find!

I love the white painted brick.

Added a sunburst mirror. I wanted the accessories to "pop" against the white brick.

I added decor to the walls to liven up the front room. Isn't all the trimwork great! I love the dimension it adds to the room.

I found these simple white candle holders at Ikea, I like them!

Added a pretty throw and pillow to the chaise.

I moved the console table into the front room. I love this "worn" leather storage bench I found. It is so cool, it reminded me of a old leather suitcase.

I love to group together framed artwork.

Thanks Michelle for trusting me to makeover your space!

If you are interested in my design services, please contact me at


Wendy said...

Awesome job Stac!!! It looks amazing! I love the artwork and so many other pieces like the sofa table and the trim work.

Staci said...

Thanks Wendell! What would be awesome is to have some original paintings by Wendy!

Staci at Craftify It ! said...

I love what you did with the spaces! You are very talented! I love the wicker ottoman, it is perfect!

raghu said...

Awesome job ... It looks amazing....My first design job was in 2006, when I made some graphic goodies for a Warcraft 3 gaming clan. Yeah, I was an avid RTS gamer myself. I designed their website, some banners, clan stationery and even made a gaming video! They didn’t pay me any money but they did send me lots and lots of stuff via post, and that I consider a payment. :)
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Johnpaul said...

modern sofa designs.i hope your client felt happy with your plan.and your sofa images images were looking wonderful

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