Saturday, June 18, 2011

To the best Dad on the planet....

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you Dave for being so kind, considerate, honest, religious, trustworthy, funny, driven, loyal, respectful, handsome, humble, giving and the list could go on and on.
I don't think I thought of half of those qualities back when I was making a list of characteristics I wanted in my future husband.

This is what makes you so sweet!

Eli loves his Dad. Eli's favorite part of the day is when Dave walks through the door from work, his whole face lights up!

Here Dave is demonstrating the three headed totem pole. The girls love their Dad so much and love to spend time with him!

Love you forever!

1 comment:

becca said...

What?! The three-headed totem pole is the craziest thing I've ever seen!

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