Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taking a look back to 2003

Isn't it funny to take a look back to see what style you loved at a given time. This home was the first home that me and Dave purchased. I remember going into sign papers at closing and feeling like I wanted to throw up! Spending that much money in one transaction was and is such a scary feeling. This home still holds a special place in my heart. We had a next to nothing budget to work with to re-do the whole house. My Dad was so generous to help us with floor coverings. I had two requests that I was not willing to budge on for the floor. I wanted slate and travertine tile and I didn't care where it was installed. I had so much appreciation and excitement for even the smallest of changes. This is the home where I brought home my first child. There was always a good feeling there!

Notice how short the curtains are. I was thrilled to find these red velvet curtains on clearance. I didn't care if they were long enough, they were red and they were velvet and that's all that mattered. I was in love with bamboo shades at the time. You can't really tell because the rug is covering the floor but I went to Home Depot and bought porch and floor paint and painted the old hardwood floor.

I remember thinking how cute this wood box was that I painted orange and stuck multi colored candles in. The picture above the bed is 3 leaves that I found in the fall time and stuck in a frame. Don't worry, I made sure the shams also tied in with the leaves and candles.

This bathroom I can still relate to a bit. The white mirror is cute and the paint color is pretty.

This was the main bathroom and it was very limited on space. I had Dave re-sheet rock the bathroom and cut out a small console to stash all our toiletries. I guess I wasn't too concerned with how our soap, lotion, shaving cream, perfume, toothpaste etc.. was going to look exposed all the time. Notice how I organized the first two shelves and by the third I gave up. I was head over heals in love with this wallpaper. Dave and I were less than qualified to hang the wallpaper in the first place. Eventually the uneven seams starting peeling apart.

This is where my love for wall paneling started. I couldn't wait to take people on a tour of this room. I thought this quilt was the prettiest thing, I got it at Mervyns on clearance in case you were interested in buying one for yourself. Mervyns has since gone out of business, sorry all!

And here is where the slate floor landed. We painted all the cabinets white and bought new hinges and hardware.

I would love to know, what funny design trend from the past did you used to love?


Anonymous said...

I love this post, your blog looks great! I was going to ask you about the Mervyns quilt, darn. I was really in love with matching wicker furniture sets, I wanted one in white.

Kim said...

oh I miss this old house. it was so cozy.

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