Saturday, June 11, 2011

My sister is tough!

My sister Lisa has always been a fitness guru and health nut! I seek advice from her on fitness,nutrition and I look up to her as a role model! Her relentless optimistic attitude is very admirable. Lisa never waivers from her daily work out and has the guns to prove it! Recently, she completed the "dirty dash" it is a mud run, obstacle course, military boot camp that isn't for sissies. You have got to have the stamina to trudge through mud and overcome obstacles that seem impossible. Lisa doesn't facebook or blog and is very humble so I am going to show this photo off for her. Lisa's photo was featured in the Salt Lake Tribune. She is pictured in the center #1705. Way to go Lisa, you are amazing!


kami @ said...

That's awesome!

I almost would have guessed that the girl on her left was your sister. She kind of looks like you.

Kim said...

yay for Lisa!

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